Green Light Auto Center

Giving you the Green Light Since 2004.

About Us

Green Light Auto Center was established in 2004 and was quickly refurbished with significant improvements to the existing building structure. For almost 14 years the business has improved shop tools, installed new lifts and improved technologies to keep with the ever-changing auto repair service and sales industry.

Green Light offers a wide variety of vehicles for sale including Asian models from approximately 2004-2012 and Domestic models ranging from 2006-2014. Vehicles generally range in mileage from 60,000 to 180,000 and vary in price from $3,000-$12,000. All Green Light pre-owned vehicles go through the service department prior to sale where they are given a rigorous inspection that goes beyond state safety requirements and includes check or replacement on all mechanicals including tune items, belts, hoses, interior parts and functions and much more. All vehicles are sold with a State Inspection guarantee at the time of sale and NH residents are also issued 20-day temporary registrations. Vehicles over $5000 come with 1,000 miles or 1 month warranty on engine and transmission covering 50% of all costs of repairs and 1 week or 300 miles full mechanical warranty covering 75% of all costs of repair.  For vehicles under $5000, warranty is for State Safety and Emissions Inspection at the time of sale.  We do not warranty air conditioning systems.  If approved, inspection warranty may apply to any State.  For NH residents we complete all title application work at no additional cost. All work must be done at selling dealer.


Green Light Auto Center...used sales and repairs outside of Keen, NH. 

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